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You Are Beautiful

One thing I have noticed with being in the Beauty industry is more and more we try to change the way we look. Cover up this, change the shape of that. Doing professional makeup one thing I always do is tell my client how beautiful they are. They never believe me. So, I tell them what is beautiful about them. Pointing out their high cheek bones, or their beautiful eye shape. Things we don't see ourself. I see these videos on youtube of girls completely changing the way they look. Its one thing to use makeup to enhance out beauty, but it's another to change your look completely. You have freckles? embrace it! I want to start doing videos to show how to do your makeup to enhance your beauty. To keep it light and easy. No tricks here. You will become confident in your own skin more and more the more you see that you don't need to hide it all. I've noticed that a lot of women don't even know how to use makeup. They are just following what they see, but don't know exactly why they need to use concealer or foundation. If you have any questions or want me to show how to use a specific makeup, please comment below. 
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